Nancy Wood Taber               PO Box 996 Tijeras, NM 87059            505-281-1166      
Nancy Wood Taber artist
         The process of creating my images begins as a dance of sorts where I listen and open myself to receive information from the spirits of my subjects. When a particular subject presents itself to me, usually an animal, and I am inspired to incorporate it into a drawing, I feel that the individual has come to me to give me information on a spiritual level that is appropriate for me at that time in my life. I then give them a voice with which to share their wisdom with others through my art. When the piece is completed, so is my dance, yet a new and different dance of communion begins between the spirits of my creation and those who view my art.         I enjoy using acide free matboard for my drawings because it allows me to apply my colored pencils in heavy opaque layers. At first the process of drawing in colored pencil seems so simple since most everyone has used them at some time in their life such as in school. Over the 25+ years I have worked in colored pencil I have discovered that the very nature of the layering process required has a meditative quality for me. The wonders and limitations of the medium have led me to a deeper understanding that the lure of simplicity is often an illusion; that there are in actuality limitless layers to explore both in the medium and in nature.  The very fact that the medium can be quite time consuming allows me to contemplate and appreciate the true nature of my subjects more deeply.