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Connect with the spirit of your totem animal by wearing a unique spiritually inspired pendant cast in sterling silver.  Each pendant is approximately 1 ¼” x 1 ¼”  and includes a sterling silver 18” snake chain.
Totem Animal  Jewelry
Wolf Sterling Silver casting with snake chain $75.00
Raven Sterling Silver casting with snake chain $75.00
Cougar Sterling Silver casting with snake chain $75.00
Bear Sterling Silver casting with snake chain $75.00
Horse Sterling Silver casting with snake chain $75.00
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Wolf:    Wolf is the teacher of spiritual things and the finder of new ways of approaching life. The                    importance of family unity  with cooperation and sharing what one has with compassion                   are imbodied in the Wolf.  Expressing one’s untamed  spirit through intuitive abilities  and                   taking only what is needed and no more  are Wolf’s important messages.
Raven:    Raven is the Trickster and when he appears magic abounds. Be prepared to look through                   different eyes as things  are not always as they seem. His loyalty to his mate is set in stone.                   He has the ablility to travel between the worlds of the Spiritual and the Physical with ease                   bringing messages of importance to those who are open to receive them.
Cougar: Cougar teaches of unconditional leadership, balancing personal power and strength with                   gracefulness, patience and clear  intention. Move forward with faith and courage. Avoid                   procrastination and always keep your eyes on the goal. Cougar is a Spiritual Hunter who                   finds the journey as exhilarating as the attainment of Enlightenment.
Bear:    Bear energy relates to going within for intuitive answers, healing and claiming one’s innate                  power. As a symbol of great strength both within and without Bear teaches of the Dreamworld                  and the proper use of herbs for healing.
Horse:  Horse came to free the two-leggeds from their earthly bonds and to carry them to realms of                 unlimited possibilities.  By tilling the soil of Mother Earth and the mind, Horse prepares a fertile                 place for Physical and Spiritual growth.  Horse teaches of quiet strength, endurance and                 clairvoyance. When Horse appears it can signify a time of renewed confidence to move past                 obstacles quickly.