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Nancy Wood Taber artist
Each Giclee print is reproduced from an orginal Colored Pencil drawing in a signed and numbered Limited Edition on archival paper with pigmented inks.
“Spirit Messenger”
“The pain of great loss can be eased through retrospection. Take time to appreciate heartwarming memories that made the journey all worthwhile. When the heart is ready, lessons from Horse, Fox and Butterfly can be inspiring. Horse encorages moving in new directions with new found freedom and traveling in the spiritual realms. Fox teaches of freeing the creative force, shapeshifting,  practicing the art of invisiblity and the the ability to hear Spirit through clairaudience. Butterfly symbolizes transformation from one form to another.”
Limited Edition Giclee Print Image size: 9” x 6” Limited Edition of  25 signed & numbered $40.00
“Hawk teaches of taking the time to patiently observe and to move swiftly with purpose at the proper time.”
Limited Edition Giclee Print Image size: 16”x 9” Limited Edition of 50 signed & numbered $95.00
“As you embark on new Life path adventures remember to nourish the journey and intent often with thoughts of believing Yes! your Heart’s Desire is truly attainable. Enhance the journey with lessons from nature. Draw on the ancient wisdom hled within the Stone Beings and the Horned Toad. When the winged ones leave feathers as evidence of their presence, it is an urging to take flight for an expanded view of the path that lies ahead. The trees teach of returning to earth and remaining grounded once the appropriate onsight is obtained. Listen to the flowers as they speak of beauty  and blossoming.”
Limited Edition Giclee Print Image size: 8 ¼” x 10 ¼” Limited Edition of  25 signed & numbered $45.00
“tiger symbolize motherly devotion, passion and power. It is colorful, unpredictable and adventurous. The Tiger teaches of patient pursuit of one’s desires.”
Limited Edition Giclee Print Image size: 9” x 6” Limited Edition of 25 signed & numbered $40.00
Wildlife Home Order
“Horse came to free the two-leggeds from their earthly bonds and carry them to realms of unlimited possibilities. By tilling the soil of Mother Earth and the mind, Horse prepares a fertile place for physical and spiritual growth. Horse teaches of quiet strength and endurance with the capacity to act quickly when the need arises.”
Limited Edition Giclee Print Image size: 12” x 8” Limited Edition of  75 signed & numbered $90.00